Ayurveda Resort in the Misty Mountains of Sri Lanka

Bird’s-eye view of Santani Resort & Spa Kandy

This year is almost coming to an end and although this time of the year is usually filled with sparks, celebrations and bashes, the end of 2020, like the year itself will definitely end differently. There doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate. We have witnessed a pandemic, various civil protests against governments, social injustice across the world and many other incidents and situations that have not just changed the way we live and our perspectives permanently but also dampened our spirits. So even if you feel like there is nothing to celebrate, we all definitely deserve a lovely vacation to prepare ourselves for the challenges of 2021. And we have got the perfect place for you.

This Ayurveda Resort which is located in the misty mountains of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is the ideal vacation spot as you bring this year to an end. Santani Resort and Spa is a unique luxury Ayurveda resort that would ensure an experience like no other. Here are a few reasons why this should definitely be on the top of your list of places to visit.

Wellness package

The best thing about an Ayurveda Resort is, yes you guessed it, the Ayurveda treatment that you will be able to receive. The Ayurveda treatment as well as the other wellness packages are led by world-renowned professionals who personalize the treatments according to what will be best for you. The goal of the Ayurvedic treatment is to bring about holistic wellness and healing which can be either curative or preventive. Additionally there are a variety of wellness packages that are available that address specific areas. Santani Detox is quite a popular package that gives the opportunity to cleanse the body of illness, rejuvenating the immune system to help fight diseases. Santani Weight Loss and Santani Sleep are packages that focus on healthy living designed to help you lose weight healthily and regain a relaxing sleeping pattern. Santani also offers a very unique De-addiction package which helps you overcome vulnerability with any addiction whether it is food, alcohol, drugs or technology.


The other amazing feature of Santani Resort and Spa is its unique and beautiful location amongst the misty mountains of Sri Lanka. This pristine spot offers two main benefits to all the customers. Firstly as it is constructed among a mountain range it is away from the noise and activity of city life. This seclusion allows you the privacy you yearned for and the opportunity to be away from the distraction and high energy you may be used to. This resort tucked away in the midst of a lush green forest, by a gushing stream, overlooking a stunning view definitely creates the perfect vacation spot. The second benefit of this location is the opportunity for all the customers to indulge in and connect with nature like never before. This location even allows for various hikes, river walks and nature trails because of the close relationship this resort has with its beautiful surrounding. Nature and greenery has also proved to have very relaxing, calming and restorative effects on people as they are encouraged to quieten their mind to connect with nature.

Additional facilities

The above features should give you enough reasons as to why a stay at Santani Resort and Spa is the best vacation spot. But here are a few more just in case you aren’t convinced yet. There are many excursions that you could go on from this resort that will be organized by those at Santani. From visiting temples, tea factory, visiting the city, going for a swim in a natural pool or waterfall or even going bird watching, Santani’s excursions definitely has something for everyone. Additionally the meal plan that you will be on at Santani, is customized according to your desires as well as based on a consultation with an on-site wellness doctor. This allows for a holistic experience as your diet will also reflect the rejuvenation you will encounter at Santani. Thirdly this full-fledged destination spa is home to Sri Lanka’s first ever comprehensive hydrotherapy facilities as it hosts a tri-level spa tucked into the natural contours of the hillside, designed on the foundation of holistic wellness. There are many more unique and amazing features of this wellness resort. So don’t waste any time. Experience everything Santani has to offer first hand by booking your vacation with them. We guarantee an enriching and rejuvenating stay.

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