Balance Your Mind Body and Soul at a Yoga Retreat

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All of us wish to be healthier people and we try anything and everything with the hopes of being healthier. But there is a key element that we all miss in most of these diets, exercise regimes and resolutions. Have you felt like you were ill even though there were no physical symptoms that you could identify? Here is a possible reason why. Our health is not just about our physical body. This is something most people tend to forget. The healthiness of our body is not only based on the physical aspect of our self, it is much more. To attain total wellbeing it is important to prioritize the other aspects such as our mind and soul which are usually ignored.

Why is balancing the body, mind and soul so important?

Each of these aspects cannot be taken separately as they are intrinsically interconnected and affect each other tremendously. For example, a stressful situation that causes negative and unhealthy thought can lead to physical pain or illness. You might recall a personal experience of this or even the reverse where physical pain led to a negative mentality or a disheartened spirit. It is quite clear that the mind, body and soul nurture the whole self which includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. It is quite interesting to note that the term dis-ease refers to the turmoil that is created when these three components are out of alignment. The soul is the core of our being and the mind drives our body to experience. Therefore it is important to look after and care for all three components as it is the only way to achieve total wellbeing. Balancing the three may not be easy but we definitely cannot experience holistic happiness if we suppress even one of these aspects.

How can we achieve this balance?

The reality is that working on our physical body as a means to get healthier is the easier route to take. The results seem to be tangible, the progress can be seen by all and it seems to be the easier out of the three to exercise. Many people do not have the time to find time to work on their mental and spiritual health. Fortunately, there are external methods that have been recognized to help increase total wellbeing in order to make this process easier. The practice of Yoga has been recognized as a powerful exercise to gain this balance. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in South Asia and is a powerful complement to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Yoga, similar to Ayurveda, examines the body/mind concept in order to improve health and treat diseases. Yogic postures and breathing techniques have been known for their health benefits as some of the poses activates the endocrine system which is responsible for keeping all the vital organs healthy and functioning properly. Additionally, yoga also brings tranquillity, stillness and mindfulness into our lives.

What now?

We understand that yoga is a complicated discipline that needs to be done correctly and is quite demanding in terms of dedication. Fortunately for you, you aren’t alone in this. There are many yoga retreats in the world that specialize in just this. The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is home to some of the best yoga retreats and they prioritize the individual’s health, aiming to help you regain total wellbeing. We can assure you that this is the answer to all the stress and unhealthy emotions you may have been feeling. Yoga retreats are not about the short term gain but instead the long term rejuvenation ensuring that the techniques and practices you learn at the resort will be beneficial and helpful even after you return home.

So what are you waiting for? Prioritize yourself and allow yourself to gain total wellbeing by visiting one of Sri Lanka’s Yoga retreats.

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