Coping with the New Normal

‘New normal’; the phrase we have become all too familiar with in the span of a year because of the constant use throughout 2020. With the Corona Virus being declared a pandemic as it not just changed a selected few, but the entire world and all aspects of ‘life as we know it’, it led to the understanding that the ways and lifestyle we were used to had to be altered. Terms such as ‘quarantine’, ‘self-isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ became a part of our daily vocabulary and having our temperature checked every time we entered a store or wearing a mask when we left home became routine. But one thing that was a part of these changes that most people found it hard to adjust to is the restriction on movement and travel. This had quite a drastic effect on most people’s mental health.

But how do we move forward from this?

The year 2020 raised awareness about ‘self-care’ like never before. The inability to lead our usual social life the way we were used to or take care of our physique by exercising as we would usually do, took a toll on our mental health as well. The conversation about the importance of being aware and taking intentional steps to ensure that our mental health doesn’t suffer became prominent on social media and the news industry. One of the first steps in moving forward was to realize and accept that this worldwide change has had a considerable effect on our personal lives and our mental wellbeing. Only after this initial step can we figure out a way to better our lifestyle. There were numerous steps and trends that came up last year about self-care such as in the form of baking, drawing, knitting, taking walks etc. just to ensure that you still feed your passions and get the exercise and fresh air that is needed.

However, as things have seen a worldwide improvement in January 2021 with the administration of vaccines in many countries, depending on your country’s regulations, travel might be back on the table for you as well. And this might be just what we need as it has the potential to give us a glimpse of what was ‘normal’ before the pandemic. Travelling could probably boost our emotions, motivation and general mentality, as it allows us to indulge in our passions in a safe environment. And fortunately for you, the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, which is world-renowned as a tourist destination is open for tourists. However, you may have a few hesitations about whether a holiday in Sri Lanka during a pandemic is actually worth it. So let’s look into what the new normal in Sri Lanka actually looks like.

Sri Lanka and the new normal

Sri Lanka has been no exception to the impact this pandemic has had on society. Sri Lanka has experienced many nation-wide lockdowns and curfews plus prolonged periods of community curfews in order to ensure the curbing of community spread. Even though lockdown restrictions have currently eased, COVID precautions are still being followed strictly. Every restaurant, grocery store, clothing outlet and club ensures the tracking of their guests, checking of temperature and providing sanitizer. Schools and universities are mainly conducting online learning in order to ensure the safety of students. Many offices and workplaces have also switched to online procedures so that the employees can work from the safety of their homes.

Although Sri Lanka has opened its border for tourists, this decision was made after much consideration and concern for the local economy and was finally opened only in January. There are many pre-requisites that travelers need to be aware of to ensure safety and greater good. But then the concern arises, ‘will it be worth it?’

Will it be the same experience?

Even though the measures taken in light of the pandemic do change the ‘normal’ in Sri Lanka, the tourist industry has taken many steps to ensure that your tourist experience will not be compromised. There are many health and wellness retreats and hotels that have been monitored in order to ensure that the proper procedures are being followed as the health of the people are first priority. A ‘safe and secure’ certificate has been issued for some of the resorts and the list of these places of accommodation can be found here. Additionally, most of these resorts ensure that the customers will be able to receive maximum benefit from their stay despite the situation as even outdoor excursions, yoga sessions and even spa treatments are still being conducted in health and wellness resorts.

This holiday, where you allow yourself to immerse in a different environment, have new experiences and sit back, relax and ‘reset’ like you haven’t been able to do in the last year, might be just what your mind might need to regain your total wellbeing.

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