Top 5 Clothing Store Inventory Management Software for 2022

Inventory management is a modern element of any business focusing on tracking the goods throughout the entire supply chain. It supervises and keeps everything in order through an automated process. The end goal is to ensure the perfect balance between the demand and supply of raw material/ goods without creating an overstock.

A clothing store inventory management system helps to supervise the flow of goods, to keep track of order fulfilment, purchase and sales orders, incoming stock, and product levels so that the sales can run as smooth clockwork. Having accurate details, you can easily spot sales trends and expiry dates, track the availability of goods, set up promotions and boosters for slow movers, organise the warehouse based on the demand, and reduce labour costs. A robust inventory management system would focus on,

- Better inventory accuracy

- Reduce the risk of overselling

- Greater insights and proper decision making

- Cost-saving

- Higher productivity

- Both supplier and customer are satisfied

Here are the best clothing store inventory management systems which would actually make your life easier.


The most popular point of sale system for retail stores is SalesPlay, which is a comprehensive and free POS, easy to set up and, to be used. It works with tablets, POS, computers, and smartphones. This rich feature software is having several complementary apps to further facilitate your needs.

Many features such as,

· credit sale and debtor management

· CRM and customer loyalty

· reporting and analytic

· manage inventory

· managing teams and employee performance

· KOT and BOT display

· Queue management

· Tablet ordering

· Web platform with centralizing system

SalesPlay Pricing

The SalesPlay POS standard version is free of charge. Advances options are available for those who seek to expand their business and based on their preference, one can purchase add-ons. A 30-day free trial is awarded to add-ons.


This perfect free POS contains no advertisements and is easy to use. The software is easy to analyze the growth of the enterprise as it compares previous months days, months, or even years. This feature allows you to make critical decisions and prevent business stagnation. Loyverse has unique features such as Push notifications to alert you on the level of your inventory, and tabs to find out which employee works efficiently and who needs more training.


· Point of sale

· Inventory management

· Employee management

· Sales analytics

· Loyalty program

· Restaurant & bar features

· Credit card payments

· Integrations


Loyverse POS offers freemium subscriptions. This means Loyverse POS is offering a free-forever plan that isn’t time-limited. However, the software also allows other payment plans for Add-ons.


The square inventory management is to make you speed up your work so you can integrate more with the customers. You can sit back and enjoy it since the system will give you a daily stock alert email detailing items that are low or out. Square can be easily controlled, customized, and integrated into existing systems. Several payment methods, customized checkouts, heavily encrypted safety with advanced options of e-commerce right next to you.

Main features-

· Easy payment schemes with high protection

· Customizable checkouts

· Consumer service

· Purchase order management

· Ecommerce integration

· Reporting and insights ‘

· Inventory management

· Location management

· Loyalty programs

· Third-party app integration

· Seller and community support

· Stock alerts


Start with no initial payments and get the maximum benefits you can from Square.

4. eHopper

The eHopper inventory system is well known for its efficient workflows as it functions with transaction reviews, inventory checks, and operations analyses. The software can run on devices like Android, iOS, and Windows-run platforms and be accessed anytime and place. The secure financial information is icing on the cake with facilities such as credit cards and online wallet details. Also, the platform includes marketing tools that integrate with email and social media applications.

The main features of eHopper POS are:

· Workflow Management

· Inventory Management

· Purchase Order Management

· Order Management

· Employee Management

· Customer Account Profiles

· Loyalty Program

· Online Ordering

· Reporting

· eCommerce Integrations

· Marketing tools/programs and strategising promotions

· User Access Permissions


eHopper Inventory is an affordable inventory management platform. The payment plans start from $ 18 per month and pay only $ 216 annually. You can now save 70% on a three-year plan.

eHopper Inventory is an affordable inventory management platform. The payment plans start from $ 18 per month and pay only $ 216 annually. You can now save 70% on a three-year plan.


Imonggo is a free POS software which is cost-effective and easy to access. The web-based inventory management has the ability to manage multiple users, and support many branches. This software combines points of sales, inventory management, sales analysis and business intelligence functions. Imonggo also uses powerful and hackproof SSL encryption and has a secure backup. The setting up is easy as activating a Google account and can be logged on by all major browsers which have the cross-platform capability. Imonggo is perfect for conducting small businesses and medium businesses.

Features -

· Barcode / Ticket Scanning

· Customer Database

· Inventory Management

· Inventory Tracking

· Layaway Management

· Loyalty Program

· Purchase Order Management

· Reporting & Statistics

· Retail Inventory Management

· Retail POS

· Stock Management

· Third-Party Integrations


Imonggo has two payment plans with a completely free trial. The standard payment scheme is cost-free and includes a 1000 product limit and 1000 transaction lines per month. The premium payment scheme is $30 per month including all the standard features, offline selling, unlimited products, unlimited transactions, and credit card payments. It also gives you the chance to create branches/ stores.



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