Why is now the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

As summer dies down, and the early tourist season winds down to a close, the island of Sri Lanka actually becomes the ideal place to visit. The country has temperate weather all round, with a few months of monsoons that can be easily avoided by travelling to unaffected parts of the country. With no adverse weather, and replete with sights that are worth seeing all year round, this is the best time to visit the idyllic nation of smiles. In the wake of a turbulent April, the country has settled down and is very safe to visit. In fact, Lonely Planet stands by its decision to name Sri Lanka as the number one place to visit in 2019. The article points out that many countries have toned down their warnings of caution in visiting the country. While it is of course up to every traveller to make a decision for themselves, it’s also important to note that the actual situation in the country is as welcoming as ever, and that curious travellers would gain much from exploring the history and culture of Sri Lanka. In an attempt to woo vacationers, there are also a number of offers on at the moment, meaning that you can see more of the country for less. It’s a win-win situation all around, as travellers will benefit from the reduced prices while locals and business will be grateful that guests are visiting once again!

Firstly, air fares themselves have been reduced by Sri Lankan Airlines. The company is currently running a campaign called Sri Lankan Travel Fest that offers 40% off on Business class tickets, from July of this year to July, 2020 (https://www.srilankan.com/en_uk/special-offers/promotion/srilankan-travel-fest). Soon, the airline plans to offer 25% off on Economy class tickets when booked online on their site as well. Securing tickets at lower prices means you can lots that you can spend on amazing accommodation and food in Sri Lanka! This rare promotion is a pretty inviting chance to pack your bags and head over to the island in the next year, and if you like it you can even plan a second trip there.

Secondly, you’re in luck when it comes to accommodation! A number of the bigger, luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka have stellar offers as of now. Jetwing Hotels have an early bird offer that applies to 20 of their gorgeous hotels, all located in beautiful places around the country. Book up to a month in advance and enjoy 15% off on all of the room and meal plans. This is on offer until the 31st of October, so it’s possible to snag this deal even before you visit. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort is an absolutely beautiful hotel, and they are offering credits for those staying, as well as complimentary dinners for week long vacationers, as well as for those who stay longer than a week. These are valid all through next year as well! A number of the Cinnamon Hotels are offering various kinds of packages, and most are offering a flat discount rate for bookings made on the site itself. Some of the best deals come from Citrus Waskaduwa Kalutara — including 60% off on all credit cards in July, and allowing guests to stay full board while paying for half board. Peruse these offers, as there are many many more, and see what piques your interest. You’ll definitely be able to find something agreeable, and you can even plan a whole tour of the country while staying in luxury!

Some of the cultural sites are also offering lower prices on entrance tickets, so this is the perfect time to see the historical and cultural wonders that the country has to offer, from Sigirya to the ancient kingdoms of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, to various other sites around the country. Usually the prices of these tickets can put off visitors, but these sites are well worth a visit, so use this chance to explore them. The sites are reminders of the intelligence of past architects, and carry a sense of weighty cultural significance that can teach us about how our ancestors lived in the past. It’s also interesting to learn the gory details of ancient battles and stories, as these are quite entertaining to hear! Take this opportunity to walk around these sites and soak up all you can about them.

Another significant reason why now is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka is the fact that since very few are journeying here at the moment, all the more popular destinations will be crowd-free! It’s almost unthinkable to imagine peaceful, tranquil beaches at the height of the August season, but that’s certainly what you will experience. Instead of flocks of people, you will probably get to experience flocks of birds and get to see Sri Lanka in its natural self, without the abundance of tourists. You will also have the sites mentioned before all to yourself, a perfect opportunity to experience them in their peaceful glory. Instead of hordes of people vying to take the best selfie on a hike, you have the likely chance now of getting to have a fulfilling, quiet climb and take in the sunrise with no distractions. Even the attractions of the city will be less crowded, so all in all you can plan to have the perfect relaxing trip to wind down after the stresses of daily life. The slow pace of life here might encourage you to stay longer than you intended to, and surely the time is ripe to do so!

Finally, Sri Lanka is calling all visitors to its shores right now because its people are as hospitable and as welcoming as ever. Sri Lankans are by nature a very warm and friendly bunch, they do not call the island ‘the land of smiles’ for nothing. If you strike up a conversation with a local, they are bound to offer you a cup of tea at some point! And because the amount of sugar that goes in a visitor’s drink is indicative of how hospitable the host is being, you’ll be sure to have the sweetest cup of tea in your life. So take this golden chance to explore this gol



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